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Minor Body Scratches
Plastic Moulding Damages
Dent & Ding Removal
Alloy Wheels

What exterior damage to we cater for?

Minor Body Scratches: Repair scratches made by stone chips, key scratches, etc. Repairs completed in approx 1 hour.

Plastic Moulding Damages
: Repair scratches on exterior plastic mouldings, for example, mirror covers, grills, etc. Repairs completed in approx 40 minutes.

Repair cracks dents and scuffs on painted or textured finish bumpers to match the existing finished. Repairs completed in approx 40 minutes.

Dent & Ding Removal
: Dents and dings up to one square inch are manipulated back to their original shape without the need for re-spraying. Repairs completed in approx 30 minutes.

Glass Repair
: Minor cracks and bulls-eye restored to original clarity and strength. Repairs completed in approx 35 minutes.

Allow Wheels
: Repair scuffs and scratches mainly caused by parking damage. Repairs completed in approx 1 hour. We can repair kerb damage, corrosion and even change the colour of your wheels. This service is especially useful for anyone looking to trade in their car or as part of a lease to save you money. 

Windscreen Repair:
Our windscreen repair service is normally cheaper than your insurance excess and if you had cover for a windscreen your insurance would rather pay a smart repair rather than a £500 windscreen. If we cannot fix the windscreen, we do NOT charge for it. We offer mobile windscreen repair at your home or place of work which takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Paintless Dent Removal: PDR has been the norm for many years now and is a way of saving on repair bills from your local garage. We can take out most dents depending where they are on your vehicle and at a fraction of the cost.

Stone Chips/Damage: Stone chips and general damage can be repaired quickly and easily at your home or place of work. We have our own in-house mixing scheme to accurately match your own vehicle paint with a large variety of colours.

How do we price our repairs?

There are many thing we have to take into consideration with any exterior repair:

• The diameter of the dent.
• The depth of the damage.
• The difference between the diameter and depth.
• The location of the damage.
• How easy it is to access the damage or the rear of the panel.
• The material used on the panel.
• The colour of the paintwork.
• The age of the paintwork.

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