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Vinyl Scratches
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Dashboard Scratches

What interior damage to we cater for?

Vinyl Scratches: Repair scratches and holes in plastic mouldings created by keys and other sharp objects to match existing finishes. Repairs completed in approx 35 minutes.

Velour Corrections: Velour and carpet repairs from cigarette burns or general wear and tear returning your interior to tip-top condition. We match all colour, fabrics and velour for an invisible style repair at a fraction of the cost.

Door Trim: Repair minor tears and scuffs on trims. Restore texture lost due to wear and tear and general usage. Repairs completed in approx 30 minutes.

Carpet Repairs: Holes, bald patches, and other blemishes can be treated to achieve near-perfect finishes. Repairs completed in approx 35 minutes.

Dashboard Scratches: Repair scratches on plastics created by keys and other sharp objects. Holes created for the use of mobile phones can also be sealed to near-invisible finish. Repairs completed in approx 40 minutes.

Leather Repair: Leather can be made to look like new if you have a classic car and looking to get it connollised. We also clean and repair stains, dirt, scratches and tears all finished to showroom condition for minimum cost.

How do we price our repairs?

There are many thing we have to take into consideration with any exterior repair:

• The depth of the damage in the materials.
• What materials are used in the interior parts requiring repair.
• Fabrics used in the vehicle.

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